Been reading scriptures lately and one thing that popped out to me while I was reading the bible was the part where it starts to mentions Idols and reasons to not have Idols.

Yes these include popular television personnel, musicians, athletes and those who we seem to have some sort of admiration for. I read this years ago by the way and as I was reading the passage or paragraph, my world flipped and turned upside down.

My religious upbringing since I was a kid played a part, in my initial taking of reading the parables and messages provided in the Holy Bible. In the Beginning, it spoke of creation as a seven day process and each day, the divine, inserted something new or some new feature onto the canvas. It spoke of first, the rivers and the trees, then of the formation of the stars and other planets, if memory serves right.

Only then was I taken aback by the sudden shift and change of what I was reading. As a kid, I had many idols. None of them were really poets, mathematicians, or musicians, but I had idols in sports.

What about it, made me feel anxious? Could it have been that my outlook on life or my perspective on what it means to live, may be challenged by such a text? Though I understood the implications and deeper meaning so to speak, I could not have imagined something so blunt to have been printed in such clarity.

I continued reading the stories of the first humans or ancestors per say, and of their individual journeys. Their trials and tribulations, moments of epiphany, the unexpected and miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, the savior, but that was where I sort of left of, expecting life and other experiences to shine light on the rest.

Are we now in the Rapture? Purgatory even?

Maybe Picking it back up wouldn’t be such a bad idea, if only I can remember where I left of.

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The Underdogs

The Underdog stories, oh how much I love the underdog stories. From academics as a high school student to playing soccer at the club and high school level and playing a bit overseas, in my country that is, I have always connected to the underdogs and those who are widely viewed as non achievers, for lack of better terminology.

The underdogs give off the possibility or chance at the potential of winning, given their tenacity, hustle, and courage. I have observed many teams from a variety of different sports, whether it is football, tennis, basketball, or soccer, and understanding how team dynamics work, it is always certain individuals due to their character and nature, who complete a team. Such as how the engine or motor of a vehicle enables it to function.

The analogy I wanted to make there was that without these unique and eccentric personalities, teams would be lacking. Lacking in terms of that it is these individuals who give life to a team when others become worn out, tired, drained and fatigued. Hence the need for breaks and substitutions. Breaks give the opportunity for players on either side to replenish and recover a bit and also alter or change tactics or strategies, while substitutions serve the same purpose, but are usually done after the half time whistle.

The Coaching Perspective 

Imagine being the coach of an “underdog” team. From observations and as a fanatic of sports in general, in order to build a successful team, the person/coach needs to have a keen eye sight as to how he or she wishes to “play the game” and with time, the team slowly adapts to the coaches philosophy and play accordingly. The coaching perspective is a bit different. It is similar to that of a spectator, only difference is that a coach is more in tune, in touch and closer to his or her players.

The Beauty of Sports 


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The Idiot

Fellow writers, myself not included. Never really saw myself as a writer, just simply put thought to page and hope one day someone else reads it. So recently went on vacation, back to my hometown or city, lome in Africa. Did not really expect such thing. It was kind of a surprise.

It was nice to be away for a while, after working like every day. Gears 5 coming out, The Whiz Kid needs to prepare for the next adventure. Started a YouTube channel a while back and have done some webcam videos, which I wanted to get onto my separate Channel, but there were some problems with YouTube servers.

Was not aware that such problem can even exist. Thanks a lot YouTube hahah. It would have been really dope to have been able to do that. Really wanted to diversify the content and even have fans, if I have any, see my face on the webcam so people know that I am just a regular person.

I think on one of my pages, I forget which one. if people continue reading, it says just an ordinary kid looking for adventures and that is exactly who The Whiz Kid is.

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Lost Soul

Been listening to some Logic Lately. Purgatory, maybe this is the stage humanity is in currently in our spiritual battle and maybe it was right when others would say this earthly life is only a test. The concepts and notions of an afterlife are mythical as well, but my faith in a divine still remains.

Will heaven’s gate open for me, solo dios saber.

Some things can’t be explained, only felt, but that is just my philosophy. Maybe the blessing to break it down and dance and feel the tempo of a beat and to engage with the rhythm of a song and verse was a spiritual gift as well.

I actually feel that music can be empowering, depressing when it needs to be, classical, depending on taste, but the way I feel, once something bumping comes on, is unexplainable. My body instantly picks up the signals and The Whiz Kid moves and grooves.

It leaves me cleanse. My journey traveling the world, experiencing different cities in America, South America and Africa really established in me a sense of temporary belonging. As though I belonged in that place momentarily. Club Parque for example, I believe it was, just an ordinary kid with the team playing in the park with some Argentine locals.

Being able to mesh with people is always a nice thing. Understanding their background, culture, music, arts and food is always eye opening. I remember having dinner at Club Parque in Buenos Aires, when Cambiasso walked in through the door. The nights before, Fernando Gago was also mentioned to have visited.

14 or 15. I forget the age, watching a Boca Juniors match in the Stadium, even though it was a bit cold, cheering on the Club as they played against San Lorenzo. Watching second league teams practice and taking trips to the River Plate estadio. Maybe having all those latino friends growing up has shaped and crafted my character in a good way.

2009, a good year too. Guess the Whiz Kid’s just simply been blessed.


Lost in Translation

Hello peoples, this is patrick also known as The Whiz Kid, with some thoughts. Usually don’t plan none or any of this stuff out. Patrick just kind of goes with the flow and adapts to things. Not sure, how many people are religious or read the bible, but if memory serves me correct, there ought to be a passage somewhere, where the Divine mixed all of the languages together.

The tower of Babel, it must have been. It seems natural in a way that everything sort of leads back to men’s or rather humanities first sin in the Garden of Eden. My fellow mates do not also be deceived, it was Eve, the girl or woman, not Adam, the man, who disobeyed God’s orders.

“You can have whatever you want from this garden, just not from that Tree.” Not entirely sure how accurate my paraphrasing may be, but even in my adventures into other parts of the world and reading numerous texts of various kinds and genres, it all leads back to that one moment of disobedience to a supernatural power.

I had written a blog post earlier as well, entitled, The Deception of 2019. Nothing is as it seems and not entirely sure who is guiding me in this life, but I feel like this life isn’t mine. Patrick is sort of like a shell. A vessel with a spirit.

Maybe Young Jesus was a proper name for that one photo I took, inside the last crib playing Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist on the monitor screen of the computer I built. Maybe life is just a game and The Whiz Kid is one of the players. Lost in Translation, yeah that seems about right.

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The Incredible True Story

Not sure, where to begin with this one. Maybe I could make it as an artist in the rap industry. haha that was a joke. Grew up in Lome, Togo, came here to the United States relatively young. The whiz kid was probably seven at the time. From Walt Whitman middle school to Mount Vernon High School and later on to James Madison University.

Being from an eastern traditional view of life and standards, adapting to American life was not all that hard. assimilate is what my teachers used to say. Ever since I was a young kid, I have always enjoyed music. It was like my natural cure to all of life’s problems. I could always connect with the lyrics.

And I feel like that is what everyone wants to feel. a feeling of connectivity with all that is. Apart from music and dance, I would often play video games. It was a past time of mine after all of my homework and tasks had been done for that day and I never did anything, that did not come from the heart.

I often encourage authenticity and to live a happy life. The end is no doubt happiness, but views of happiness differ. That struck a chord. resonated a little too. Life is a perpetual journey in which every day offers something new to enjoy. May it be a new adventure of sorts, a hike, a trip to the local grocery store or the barber, The Whiz kid finds joy in it all.

Mr Smiley, a coworker would call me. Guess everyone has different perspectives and some things just stick with you as you age. Not much has changed since Lome. Still that same kid, who played soccer outside with the locals, maybe this boy has vocals, oh let’s take a look at the focal…point 😀

Measurements it was. That brings me back to Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Entanglement. The act of making measurements of the spin of a particle, instantaneously results in the opposite spin of the other particle that it was initially entangled with. Essentially a particle can be in either of two states. Spin up or Spin Down. Not sure how far others have ventures into their studies, but this seems like fascinating stuff.

May be valuable in the future. Patrick jots down his notes. The particle wave duality nature of light. Physics it was. The most confusing concepts I had ever had to learn and don’t get me started with the derivation of the formulas. School boy learning the fundamentals. Guess I got to thank Newton.

#Flow Charts


# Tables


Deception of 2019

Don’t know where to begin on this one. This summer has taught me valuable lessons. Watched the African Cup of Nations. Disappointed that Togo, the country of my origin did not qualify for the competition. Had me rooting for other teams. Oh the embarrassment.

It would have been really amazing to have seen the abbreviation on top of that 1970ish television screen and support the team, but maybe in the next two years.

I do not quite remember the match I was watching. If memory serves right, It was Morocco vs Benin and although Benin managed to win after ninety minutes of play and advance in the competition by winning it in penalty kicks against the Moroccans, there was a remarkable player, Hakim Ziyech, I believe it was, the number seven on the Moroccan side, who was extraordinary.

Never would I have imaged that the match would have gone into overtime as well, but one of my favorite clashes, if not my favorite, besides the obvious final between Senegal and Algeria.

It was also miraculous sights to see Samuel Eto’o and the likes of Jay Jay Ococha, African legends of the sport on screen including Clarence Seedorf, who was coaching one of the African teams. All of whom, childhood idols of mine.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Guess my clock and time is ticking as well. Nothing to fear. Remember reading in a book once. The Alchemist and to quote Paulo Coelho, “If you want something, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” A must read, in my opinion. Handed a copy to a friend.

Hope the book brings him, a feeling of peace as it did to me. There are pleasures to look forward to in the afterlife, if there is one and they don’t include material things.

The Incredible True Story






Been Reading lately. Came upon a book and quickly skimmed through it to analyze the text a little. Fonts a little different, but picked it up anyhow. Natural Selection and Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. When time permits, maybe Patrick will actually invest some time into finishing it.

Patrick came upon another book, The Time of Our Lives, by Tom Brokaw. Guess out of pure boredom and the need for some excitement, it kind of caught his eye. The American themed cover with the picture of Tom on the top right corner was kind of neat. What a cover, Patrick thought to himself.

The Glass Castle also sits nicely on the shelf. Didn’t think twice with others awaiting to be read. God works in mysterious ways. That seems to be a commonly said thing here in the United States. Through years at university, my mind has grown to be acceptance of other points of view. Also grown fond of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and the way nature works and or operates.

Humanity thinks it can control nature, was a line said in a film. Godzilla. The context of the film seems to follow the traditional narrative. Following the Second World War, after the United States had dropped nuclear weapons on the two Japanese cities and the consequence of such catastrophic episodes was the ensuing radiation.

so the question remains, will humanity destroy itself ?

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Talent vs Experience

Hello world, this is the Whiz Kid aka Patricio el gamer with another blog post. Have not written in a while. Still have yet to embark back on my journey to the States.

Been visiting family in the motherland aka Africa. I always feel it nice to always reconnect with one’s roots, where ever that may be. Only via traveling does one truly develop a more wholesome picture and understand of other cultures, people and lifestyle.

The reason for my writing is on a subject matter that I can’t seem to grasp and or “figure out.” The difference between talent and experience. Throughout my life, I have met extraordinary gifted and talented individuals.

So the question or inquiry that boggles my mind is that, are these or were these people born this way or was it by some transformation of sorts or via experience and or experimentation did these individuals become exceptional at their work.

Although childish in nature, a typical example I would like to note or point out is with one of my favorite cartoon shows or animations, Naruto.

Naruto, an orphan at an early age, due to the 9 tails attack on the Hidden Leaf Village 16 years ago, conducted and orchestrated by a “mask man,” which was later revealed in the series to have been Obito Uchiha. Obito Uchiha, originally, a kind, loving individual had underwent a drastic or dramatic character change, into a borderline schizophrenic after seeing his comrade, Kakashi, kill Rin, the girl who he had secretly been in love with, right before his eyes.

This experience is what caused the 14 year old, to adopt a bitter and cynical viewpoint of the shinobi world and system. Itachi alike, at the tender age of seven noticed or was aware of the growing tension between his Clan, the Uchihas and the others, who resided in the village. It seemed the Uchihas possessed some innate characteristic or gift, which made others fear them.

How this connects or relates to daily or everyday life is that, although fiction, the stories of the characters resemble and mimic potential real life scenarios and conditions.  Feelings of Unease, unrest, disappointments even. As was with the case between Rock Lee and Sasuke early on in the series. Even prior to the written examinations, the two met briefly and even had a little sparing match.

As the story unravels a little more, the audience learns of Sasuke’s betrayal of the Village in search of power as promised to him by the serpent himself, Orochimaru, in the Forrest of the chunin exams. Not entirely sure if Masashi Kishimoto purposely used the forest as a biblical symbol or reference, but as the protagonist, Naruto, grows up, he learns the truth about the circumstances and events seconds, minutes or hours prior to his birth as well.

The Jonin sensei of team 7, Kakashi, was responsible for the lives of his students as the team went on D rank missions to begin with and later progressed into more difficult C rank missions as the genins became wiser and more experienced shinobi.

At the age of 13, I believe it was, the three genins, Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto went off separately to train with their respective sanin masters Jiraiya, Lady Tsunade and Orochimaru, for a period of three years before becoming elite shinobi, as would be called in the Naruto verse, written by Masashi Kishimoto and his team of advisers and assistants.

After the three years of Training, even Sakura, in my personal opinion, the weakest of the Three genins, on Team 7, becomes an exceptional medical Ninja herself after learning the arts of healing and the essence and duties of a medical personal on the battlefield.

So the second question that comes to mind or rather a realization or epiphany is that, these qualities and traits can be adopted, but were they ever the inherent, innate capacity of the individual to begin with or rather learned.

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It is currently 3:24 pm and I had left my phone inside my room and just went to retrieve it.

After some time at school, I find myself doing a little bit of construction work. I suppose this is the divine’s plan or the direction in which my life is going.

From observations alone, I realized that some of the people I work with and have worked with are of Spanish origin although some speak English a lot fluently than others.

Naturally, as a way to be able to communicate with fellow workers, I utilize the application Google Translate to aid me in my efforts.

Guess as Charles Darwin had proposed in his theory of evolution and survival of the fittest, Patrick adapted in a way which enables him to cope with one of life’s troubles.

The Language Barrier. Patrick had experienced the same phenomena years back when he had first arrived in the United States.

As Nature would have it, life seems to be a series of problems just waiting to be solved by the right minds and the right people.

Live on and be Great, mes amies ⚽️

Sessions with Bethany

Been thinking lately. The denial of reality and universal truths. Maybe Patrick is wrong. Hearing the same stories day after day, I jot down my notes. The patient is Patrick Sedjro. He talks a lot about mathematics and physics and avoids my direct questions. Patrick attempts to “beat around the bush.” and his mom and dad are with him this time. Both Black.

Patrick has been talking about some girl lately. He shows me the messages. Trying to get through to him. Not sure if I am having any immediate impact. Formulas and formulas he spews at me. Talks a lot about Albert Einstein and his theories of Special and General Relativity. I wonder if he knows that his files are confidential. A really nice kid from the looks of it. Great Smile and great posture.

I show him a video of successful people. It brings a smile to his face. He’s always smiling I wonder. Spiritual Awakening he says. Maybe there are demons or negative spirits he is dealing with. I take a look at the Facebook message. “She’s trying to get through to you.” I say.

Patrick’s mind, “I know that, but why at the most random times.” “it’s hard for me to read some of this. not really, but necessary I suppose.”

Bethany wore glasses. Engaged. What a lucky guy, I thought. I take a look around the room. There are books. Lots of them. I wonder if she’d actually read through all those texts. Maybe psychology might had been a worthwhile pursuit.

That Question. Hopefully I had responded to the best of my knowledge and or abilities. I have always find it best to be candid about my feelings, although they rarely dictate my actions and or decisions.

Mild Depression. That is about accurate. There are about three or four exits. I memorize them all. Survival Instincts kicking back in. I had heard the stories of the college student who had shot up a movie theater, claiming to be Batman. lives lost, families ruined (maybe), but what does Patrick know.

When she posed that question, I thought about the story of Kakashi and Rin. Blood on my fingers/hands. No I say.

The Student Athlete

Hello World, Patrick here with another post. Not sure if anyone has the time to read my 40th something post. Takes me a lot of time to come up with original content and write about things that are relevant. The universe, life and its species are constantly changing and new perspectives open up.

I have decided to title this The Student Athlete. Been one my entire life and it only comes natural for me to describe the life of one. Never really played college ball, even though, till this day, I am still eligible for four years of play, which is crazy if you think about it. Just been the ordinary kid. Always going to class, cracking jokes and enjoying the finer things of life.

Been to the movies lately, as always. This time Venon. It is only right that Spiderman’s counterpart gets a spot in the limelight. It was better than expected, but I probably say that about almost all of them. Love the actions and thrillers. They always keep me on my toes. Not knowing what is going to happen to next. Suspenseful as should be.

Next up is Aquaman. Wonder Woman was okay. Daughter of Zeus. That’s scary. Ain’t messing with you haha :D.

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The Continuum (2019)

Hello peoples, yours truly, patricio also known as the whiz kid here with an update. Not sure how many people actually have the time to read some of the things I post here on the blog or website and if anyone does, that is greatly appreciated. I attempt to be as funny as possible, adding humor to the mixture, and as with all, if not most of my writings, le title est The Continuum.

Why the continuum, one might ask, still trying to figure that out myself. So previously I had written about a traumatic experience and or a couple of experiences. My hospitalization, if anyone cares, and my recovery. Spent about two weeks in a behavioral mental health institution. Woke up the following morning in a bed that was not my own.

A physician is there to evaluate my state of mind. There were other doctors, nurses and student apprentices there too so to speak. My time in the infirmary was odd. That was the last place, Patrick thought he would be. Next to him is his mom. I guess when Patrick had enrolled into school, he either forgot or was oblivious to the fact that he had chosen his parents as emergency contacts, just in case anything were to happen to him.

So there he was, amongst others seeking answers. The why.

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The Lone Wolf (2013)

Through out my life, I have always preferred doing things my way. Never cared much for the opinion of others. Opinions have always been just that. Opinions. Not facts nor truths. Watched a movie right before entering the ISAT (Integrated Science and Technology) building to take my very first physics 240 exam. University Physics it was called.

If I remember correctly, the exam time was pretty late. Around 7:00 or 8:00 pm in the afternoon. All Patrick can remember is coming back to his dormitory relatively late, maybe 9:00 pm, after stopping by one of the dinning halls to “purchase” and or grab some food for the night. The night is still young, he thought.

Maybe there might be some parties and or other gatherings around town to attend to. Buses are usually still running and there are a plethora of people to meet and make friends with so why not. Patrick heads down to the bus station. Lively as always. No dull moment at James Madison University and the women as beautiful as ever.

The exam seemed to focus on first year physics concepts such as kinematics, the motion of objects and unit conversions and things of that nature. Have not yet gotten into the more complicated topics. On my own free time, if I have kept up with lectures and assignments, I “studied” Organic Chemistry and Relativity, even though, those were third year concepts and classes.

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The Lucky One

Recently purchased this new phone. It is a Samsung Galaxy J7. While browsing through the T-mobile store for a new upgrade. Experimented and played with with many of the other options. Like deciding on what to eat, the choices were plenty. My previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy S3. It served its purpose for the time being. Text, Call, screen lock and everything. All the features a perfectly normal, functioning cell phone has, but after a couple of years, it was time for a change. an Upgrade.

Opening the box, sifting through the pages in the manual. This will be my third phone within a span of more than two years. I usually take care of my belongings. Usually keep the receipts as well. Proof of purchase, store location(s) and employee names, if that ever mattered. Immediately I see a clear difference between the two products. Besides manufacturing dates, model number and release years, the Samsung Galaxy J7 has far more capabilities.

The feeling can be analogous to getting and or receiving a new car. The technology was years ahead. From better lighting, better camera (front & back) to being an overall better product. Me being a tech geek is what lures me to these things. Always been interested in the evolution of technology as is with the evolution of law. My interests.

A maverick of sorts. Patrick dapples in and out of experiences, in the search for self mastery and simply as a means or way of gaining exposure to what the world has to offer. When he is not reading books or in the library, Patrick is building new cool Gadgets. He was an engineer for some time at University. Only Expected.